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    Illustrator down-sizing image when I open it

    thwilliams12 Level 1

      Good morning,


      I'm an Illustrator newbie so forgive my lack of knowledge on this topic.


      I'm using Illustrator CS6. I am attempting to place a logo on top of an image for my company's website. The image I am starting with is 849x565 pixels (72 dpi). When I click "Open" and find the file, Illustrator opens the file into a much larger artboard (shown below).


      Adobe Illustrator Teller.PNG

      I did some research and found I could use the Artboard tool and double-click to trim the artboard to fit the photo. If put my logo on there and go to File>Save for Web, Illustrator is defaulting to save the image a 204x236 pixels. This is obviously too small.


      I just attempted manually changing the Image Size dimensions back to my original 849x565, which seemed to work, but seems an unnecessary and laborious step. What am I doing wrong?


      Thanks so much for the help.