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    Apple Application Loader rejects app built with FB 4.6


      I've been having a lot of trouble with Apple's Application Loader, trying to upload a new feature on an old iTunes app. Error says:


      ERROR ITMS-9000: "The binary is invalid. The executable type "41" is not valid. Only "EXECUTE" is permitted."


      There are a couple warnings, too, including not a Position Independent Executable. I cleared out a bunch of other warnings already, more icon sizes...


      Apple refuses to even explain what the error message means - if the app wasn't built with Xcode, they refuse to say anything.


      I updated to AIR 15 by copying over the FB 4.6 sdk, then applying AIR 15 to it. This built fine for Android, and that release is accomplished to Amazon and Google Play. The binary works when built for adHoc distribution and tested on an iPod. It does use one ANE - GoViral for sharing. (Though FB share crashed the app, so I disabled that.)


      I really don't know what to do next, what to try. Certificate is new, all provisioning files are new, tested adHoc build before trying to upload distribution build...