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    FrameMaker 12 crashes when saving a PDF file

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      Hi Arnis,


      I had read your previous threads on crashing when printing and also consistently crash/freeze upon generating a PDF in FrameMaker 12. It happened in FM 10, which is why we upgraded to FM12 thinking that would help. I had Patch 12.0.2 installed but it did not help and my book is only a few MB. One of my books was converted to PDF on another system but it took 30 minutes--not a reasonable response. I have tried printing locally instead of on the server, tried creating a Postscript file, saving as a book to a PDF format, and printing to a PDF printer. I have Adobe Pro version 11 installed.  Please help!

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          Arnis Gubins Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Is the Adobe PDF printer instance your default printer during the FM session? (If not, then use the Sundorne SettPrint utility @ Sundorne Communications - SetPrint to ensure that it always is)


          Did you also install the PDF Creator with FM (default option)? FM's PDF creator will stomp on an existing Acrobat installation. Try running the Help > Repair in Acrobat in this case.


          DO you have any problems creating/printing to PDF from other applications?


          In FM, can you File > Print to a postscript file using the Adobe PDF printer instance?


          Does FM crash immediately or some ways into the creation of an output file?


          Does FM crash for every file that you try to print/create a PDF from?

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            I use Framemaker 12 and have had this problem recently - books taking 30 minutes or more to save as pdf and some not completing at all.


            Do you have any files or folders that are in your book but set to Exclude (not to be included in print)?  If so, try eliminating these from the book and see if the problem goes away.