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    If I purchase Lightroom 5 Student and Teacher Edition (~$80, and I am eligible for it) will it support Nikon D610 a newer camera only recently supported? Can I download LR5.6 and use the student license code? I don't want to use CC

    shocin_nico Level 1

      Hi I recently purchased a Nikon D610 and found it was not supported in the edition of LR I've been using at school. I am now looking into buying the latest version of LR (after LR5.3) as they support it, for my personal use. Can I purchase Lightroom 5 Student and Teacher edition and use the code that comes with it to download the latest LR that supports the Nikon D610? I do not want to use Creative Cloud (and pay per month/year, instead of just 1 time only) and I want to still have the same regular LR workflow I've been doing with the D5200 prior to the D610.


      Thank you!