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    Changing presets after documents are in book.


      1.  I already had done eight chapters when I decided that my space between columns was too wide at 1p6 and I could better use another 0p6 on the inside margin.  So I changed the eight masters accordingly.  However, the original margin lines still show up on my pages, which suggests to me that I did it the wrong way by clicking on Layout > Margins and Columns and changing the values on the menu.

      Is there a better way to make a global change to all the documents?


      1a.  When I see my pages in Presentation mode the bottom margins look too wide at 4p0.  Also, my column length of 41p0 leaves too much space after the last line of type.  I would like to increase the column length just enough to accept another line before I add any more chapters. 


      2.  My manuscript was typed in Open Office Writer which was then saved as RTF files before importing the chapters into ID documents.  Every paragraph started with an indent using the Tab key.  I assumed that, when my paragraph style was applied to them after placement, the indents would be changed to the 2p0 called for in the style.  I was wrong, they remained as in the original text.  That means I have to manually correct the first letter of every paragraph in my book.  What am I missing here?