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    webservice variable

      I created a webservice that i wish to pass a few variables. I set a public var, but when i assign it in the webservice <request>
      i get the error 'data binding will not be able to detect assignments to 'variable'

      I am wondering how to do this, or if anyone has any help for me...thank you.
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          ntsiii Level 3
          It is hard to say what is wrong with your code without seeing any of your code, but:
          Make sure the var is declared with the [Bindable] meta-data tag

          Consider building the request object in AS code. It is much easier to debug.

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            konlin77 Level 1
            Thanks for the reply Tracy. Here is how i set my variable.

            public var staffCode:String = "17";

            and here is my webservice request. Not sure if i have this correct or not...

            <mx:operation name="getActivity" result="activityResult()">
            <mx:request xmlns="">

            look incorrect? thanks.