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    Why does CF11 seem to sleep after no access within a few minutes?

    Perkley Level 1

      I was using CF10 and my site response time was quick, especially on my local development machine.  I upgraded my development and live servers to CF11 and both seem to have a delay in first access.  It seems to be client and possibly browser specific.  If I just walk away for about 10 minutes and come back, then when I try to load my site (on my local machine) it takes about 10 seconds to load.  As long as I keep using it it is fast and responsive, but if I walk away for 10 minutes again and come back, it seems to have to wake up.


      Is there a setting that I can tune?  Is anyone else seeing this?


      I will also make note that even if one website I am developing on is quick and responsive, as soon as I try to access another website using the same IIS and CF11 then it has a wait time.  It is like it is figuring something out with the browser before it is willing to load.