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    upgrade from Evga GTX580 to Evga GTX780Ti, and need some help

    naumen Level 1



      i would like to ask for your help/advice!


      my current system : WIN 7 Pro 64bit, i7-4930K, 32GB RAM, Asus x79-deluxe, evga gtx580, and i use Adobe Production Premium CS6 will all latest updates...


      but i finally got my New  EVGA NVIDIA GTX 780Ti SC 3GB DDR5! what should i know or do to my current system?

      1. Do i have to uninstall the current drivers and nvidea soft before i ll install my new card, or maybe there is some kind of special utulity soft for that?

      2. Anything else i should do before i ll stick in my new 780ti card?

      3. Do i have to do any kind of twiking in order to make my new 780 card work with my PP CS6? what exactly is the procedure? and do i have to do the same for any other program with in my Production Premium suite?


      Now I have 2nd PC and my old gtx580 card will go there....  Win 7 Pro 64bit,  i7-950 , 24GB RAM, msi X58m Adobe Production Premium CS6, and currently i have here old ATI card Radeon HD4800... (i was waiting for so long to throw it away )

      1. i will uninstall Ati soft , but what else should i do? any special procedure? or utility soft? 

      2. Does the GTX580 require twiking at all for PP CS6?

      3. anything else i would need to know?


      Thank you for the help