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    RAM preview error message

    adayday Level 1

      Screen Shot 2014-08-25 at 2.56.26 PM.png

      After Effects CC 2014, on a Mac pro, OS X, version 10.9.4


      I'm working on a 3-minute commercial animation, with lots of layers, compositions, and sound effects, this message jumps up when I tried to play with a voice audio (which is also 3-minute through the entire animation). In the morning I can still close & restart to work, but now the message just jumps up even I restarted the program. Anyone experienced this?


      Also, before when it used to work, the RAM preview never play properly, a lot of times there were several seconds no sound while playing, then it back to normal, and it's quite frequently, almost every 5 sec the audio will get silence for 1-2 sec.


      update: tried to open the file in CC & got denied, error message says the file was created in a newer version which cannot be open in CC