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    InDesign: New Download, Crashes on Start up


      I'm just getting into using the Adobe Products, and I want to trial run InDesign.


      I've downloaded and installed it from the CreativeCloud twice now, and the loading image shows, the program launches, but then it will completely close and I'll be asked if I want to 'Continue Trial' or "License Software."


      This is my first time attempting to download InDesign so I don't understand why I cannot start the trial!


      I have previously trialed Adobe Illustrator, that worked fine.


      So am I correct in assuming each program has a 30 day trial? Or have Adobe decided that the 30 day trial is for all products..


      I'm incredibly frustrated with this, I desperately need the program for my final course project.


      Any assistance appreciated.


      P.S I don't understand 'scripting' or any of the internal codings of this or any type of program, so if possible, please don't suggest that type of thing. I'm on an incredibly tight deadline and don't have time to mess around with all of this.