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    Flash Player will not install on my Windows 7 PC.  Please help!


      I click the update now button (first I deselect the McAffee option)

      I click on the installer file in the lower left of the screen

      I click run

      I click yes for the "...allow changes?" window

      Then a rectangular window appears in the middle of the screen and it is totally black.  It is labeled "Adobe Flash Player Installer"  Nothing happens.  I've tried this several times and I've waited for more than 20 minutes, which I know isn't necessary because every time I've updated in the past it's taken a few minutes at most.

      I click to close out the window and it automatically opens a new tab for a "completion page" which it then says is unavailable.

      I have to start my task manager to end the task of installing Flash Player, which is not responding.


      Every time I turn my computer off the update window appears when I turn it back on and it will not disappear unless I try to download it, which I cannot do.


      Please advise