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    sony a6000 arw Import


      Hi, I'm running Lightroom 5.6 in both Mac and Windows. When importing photos jpg and arw (raw), the Windows version works without problems. In the Mac version I get error messages because it doesn't understand the arw (raw) files.According to Adobe the Sony a6000 is natively supported since Lightroom ver 5.4.


      Any clue?

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          ssprengel Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Are you copying the exact same files from the memory card to each computer, or is one computer dealing with one set of images and the other dealing with another set that might be different in some way?  If not then try that and see what happens, and if you’re not importing directly from the card on both computers then describe what you’re doing differently.  And if you already are importing from the same card on both computers, try copying the images to each computer’s hard drive using an OS function like Explorer or Finder, first, and then import from that HD location.


          Finally, make sure you’re actually running the new version of LR on the Mac.  The shortcut might still be pointing to an older version.

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            saulsotojr Level 1

            I had tried exactly the same in both OS, Import same photos from the same Card and same Camera. Windows Imports without problems both jpeg's amd arw's, but in MacOS X  it doesn't recognizes the Sony a6000 raw files. Decided to uninstall and reinstall Lightroom 5.6 Mac to see what happens, is currently downloading.

            Thanks, Saul

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              saulsotojr Level 1

              It was a permissions issue. I went to Finder> Lightroom app > Get Info > Sharing and Permissions. I added my User account to the list and granted Read & Write privileges.

              After that everything started to work as expected.

              Thanks, Saul

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                ssprengel Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                So the error message was "Files cannot be read"?  This means a permissions or other destination folder issue.  In your first message you said LR didn't know how to process the files, not that they couldn't be read, which was easily answerable..