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    RTMP Streaming Works, HTTP Streaming Does Not


      I am using the following to stream video live:


      - Windows Server 2008 with Flash Media Server 5.

      - Flash Media Live Encoder 3.2

      - This tutorial step by step to setup the manifests: Stream live multi-bitrate video over HTTP to Flash and iOS - YouTube

      - In FMLE the following settings:

           - H264 Format, Main Profile, Level 3.1, Keyframe freq 4, 150, 500 and 1000 kpbs bit rates.

           - FMS URL: rtmp://<my-static-ip>/livepkgr

           - Stream: livestream%i?adbe-live-event=liveevent

      - The liveevent.f4m and liveevent.m3u8 files are saved in the webroot folder

      - Built in administrator console OSMF video player, with the following URL: http://<my-static-ip>/livepkgr/liveevent.f4m


      FMLE is saying it connects without issue and that it publishes, and the server shows that the stream is connecting in the admin console. The one thing that does not appear to work is playing the stream back itself. I've tried any number of different  URLS to play the stream, none work, they just give me a generic "We are having problems with playback. We appologize for the inconvenience." I know the stream connects because when I replace http://<my-static-ip>/livepkgr/liveevent.f4m with rtmp://<my-static-ip>/livepkgr/liveevent it plays the rtmp version.


      Is there some further configuration I am missing on the server side? Something else I am missing?