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    Updating a total disaster

    one frustrated user

      So Adobe just forwards everyone into these forums. Well I was trying to reach them directly without finding that option, so let me went out on simple issue here publicly. When updating adobe I had to close my browser with all the tabs & windows. Ones updating was done Adobe had defined to open my browser. Thus I lost all the work and research sites I had opened. Some of which are hard to find in the history.


      SO next time I will not update Adobe and will make sure not to touch it's utilities other than what I absolutely have to.


      Simple think impacting  my work disastrously. Simple to think and fix, if someone at ADOBE bothered.


      Well then agin they do not bother hearing these complaints directly from customers, but rather let us went here in forums.

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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          Well, you are making your own point: Your post is merely a "complaint" or rant and those never get anyone's attention. If you have specific issues, you have to explain them, otherwise there really is no point to this. The rest is unrelated to Adobe. All modern browsers have auto-recovery options to open the last active tabs and well, if this really is so critical, then there's those cute little things called bookmarks that even the Netscape browser already had back then in 1997 or so...



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            pwillener Level 8

            This is really a standard: you never update any software while you have work in progress on your computer.  Software updates should only be performed with all applications closed.