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    Images and text areas

      I'm afraid I am completely new to this director stuff. I'm preparing a portfolio of work and wanted to put images and text in a scrollable area. I have a text box which I have made scrollable by changing the framing property but can't figure out how to get the images in along with the text. Am I totally lost?

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          Level 7
          You can't add images to text like you want to.
          One option is to create a filmLoop containing the text and the image/s
          and "scroll" it by setting the crop of the loop. Check out
          < http://nonlinear.openspark.com/tips/oop/scrollBar/index.htm>
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            imnotregret Level 1
            So this functionality isn't available in director? I find that a bit strange. I've had a quick look at the page you've linked and If I understand that correct, then the content is all one image that can be scrolled using a customised scrollbar right? I take it that using this method, I won't be able to have links within the image because it's all one image?

            I thought Director was built for this kind of thing but obviously I was wrong.

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              Chunick Level 3
              Unfortunately, neither Director or Flash are really built for it. Flash has very simple image placement in text from what I can recall. Director supports RTF, but not the part of the specification that allows for embedding images. You can also try importing flash that contains text with links and images. That's another option worth exploring.
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                You CAN scroll images and text together, it just involves making a custom scroll bar instead of setting a text box to 'scrolling'.... you can then offset the images and text by the same amount each time the user moves the bar/presses the arrows. The text and images can then be masked inany places that need to be.