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    McAfee Security Scan not wanted

    VWDRV1 Level 1

      I just updated Flash Player to Version 179....I didn't see any reference to McAfee Security Scan being part of the update as I was going through the steps...Usually, there's a screen asking if the user wants some additional 'something'; giving the option to say 'No'.....I don't want McAfee Security Scan....I ran the McAfee Security Scan Uninstall found in my Program Files list...But---In my Program Data list, there's still McAfee items....

      Can I just simply 'delete' .....???......

      Did I miss seeing the option for include McAfee or did Adobe include this without asking this time....???

      Thank you in advance for help on this...

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          stealther Level 1

          I agree with the OP.  I never agreed to have McAfee Security Scan installed on my system and don't appreciate the fact that Adobe puts that junk on my computer without asking.  There are threads with people complaining about this that are over FOUR YEARS OLD!  Cut the crap!