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    LR4.4 catalog converted (upgraded) by LR5.6 and now both show empty when opened


      Fisrt of all hello to everyone!


      Now to my problem.. I was using LR 4.4 until recently when I installed LR 5.6 demo. I opened the 4.4 created catalog with the 5.6, it asked me to upgrade it (so I did), and ended up with two catalogs (no problems up to this point).

      I was working with the new upgraded catalog without any problems. It was saved and opened a couple of times.

      Then yesterday I open the catalog (from recents) and it's empty. No photos, no previews, no thumbs, nothing; only the message to import photos. All my work -gone!


      The newly created catalog shows in explorer as 1.3MB, which I would presume is the size of an empty catalog -it shouldn't be empty since I worked on it so something obviously went wrong here... BUT the old 4.4 created catalog is shown at 13.5MB which is more or less the correct size of a not-empty catalog.

      -BOTH catalogs are now EMPTY when opened. And no backup was made.


      My questions are..

      -what the hell happened?

      -is there any way of getting the 13.5MB catalog open?


      and most importantly and most unlikely..

      -is there any way of getting my work back?


      Using win7


      Thank you in advance, K