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    Previously bought Lightroom, how do I install onto a new tablet?


      Several months ago I bought Lightroom 5 and installed it onto my laptop. This laptop is very old and shutting down and I am looking into buying a tablet now, specifically a Microsoft Surface Pro. I should note that I am not a professional photographer, I use Lightroom just for my own photos for my family. But I have a few questions regarding this:


      1)Will Lightroom run on the Microsoft Surface Pro 3, or are there other tablets out there that people think work better? Should I just stick with buying a new laptop?

      2)Will I have to pay for Lightroom again to get it onto my tablet? Or is there a way to use my current license and get it onto the tablet/new laptop?

      3) How so I install Lightroom onto a tablet?


      I appreciate any advice/help!