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    Lightroom sharpening values. Which do you commonly use?


      I'm interested because I've been looking back at a lot of the Raw files i have processed via Lightroom, and i have a nagging feeling that i have been over sharpening.


      Obviously, set values effect Raws from different cameras differently, and also every picture will need different amount of sharpening to the next one too. I'm aware of that, but everybody must have a sharpening starting point that they use that by experience they know will be pretty close to what they will end up using.


      I'd just be interested to know the amounts others use so i can compare whether i have been applying a bit too much sharpening or not.


      My images are mostly of my child. They are rarely close up and often contain the scene she is in, in the background. So they are neither landscape nor portrait scenes, but probably classed as general.


      The values i typically start with (and if i'm honest, often stick quite near too) are: Amount:55, Radius 1.0, Detail 40, Masking 20. Do they seem reasonable?