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    Problem with collate function to print booklets in Indesign

    Peter_T Level 1

      I want to print on A4 paper, two copies of booklets (150pages) A5 format. This job I want to do more (100-300 ) times.

      I use ctrl+ P, copies two, in setup printer I use page size A5, output size A4, booklet printing.

      If I print the document from CS2 version, I got two booklets on A4 papers, on left side of papers is one booklet, and on right side of papers is second booklet. I just cut the papers on half and I got two booklets. Next gluing the booklets is ok

      If I print the same document from CS3 or CS6 version, with same print presets !!, I got two booklets, but one booklet is on both sides of A4 papers, and second booklet is also on both sides of A4 papers. I cut the A4 papers and must every half booklets put together.

      Also with gluing is little problematic.


      Please if someone know , where is the problem with printing? How to use print in CS3 or CS6 , to get result like in CS2 ?