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    Genieo and other Adware comes with Flash?




      What the hell?  Did I install an incorrect version of Adobe Flash?


      When I wet to www.get.adobe.com/flashplayer/blah blah blah to install flash, I was given an installer that had, included in it, a bunch of adware that ultimately highjacked my browser and installed two very malicious adware's that I in no way would have ever wanted and it's very disingenuous and unprofessional to assume I would.


      Is this a fake installer?  At the end of the day, the Flash it was trying to install was v. 13.0 when in fact, we're up to v. 14.0.  Could it be that adobe doesn't have the latest flash?


      Anyway, will someone please tell me if this was Adobe's doing or some adware company.




      First, go in to your applications folder and find the Genieo uninstaller.  It works.  If you Google this, someone in a forum somewhere has listed a bunch of file names that are to root folders for the whole program if you want to double check to see if the uninstaller did it's job.  I found that it did.  But don't trust them... they're clearly scumbags.


      Second, the redirect is caused by a third party plug in that's in your browsers "extensions" settings which is in the preferences.  Simply find the thing called Omnibrowser and remove it or just turn it off.  It should be from a shady company called Installmac.


      Either way, F@$k those guys.  Thank God I declined on that other thing that want's to "clean" your mac for you.... I saw an installer quickly appear, then disappear on my desktop before asking me if I wanted to install all of these useless programs.


      Dear Adobe,


      If you did this... WTF??!!!!!!!!!  Why, in a million years, if I were looking to upgrade my Flash player, would I want all of that other crap.  As if I'm just some dumb consumer who needs you to suggest the things I need and don't need.  Mind your business and stick to making singular programs that are amazing... not malicious adware.


      And if it wasn't you, you really need to Google "Adobe Flash", and click on one of the first few links that appears... you'll find an installer that has all of this **** in it. 


      Either way, f*ck Genieo and that shi!ty omnibrowser thing it comes with.