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    Problems with images not moving with text within threaded frame

    shinobidef Level 1

      I have an CS6 IDD doc I'm setting up for ePub output. I have the first chapter in threaded text frames and my client wants each image to sit at specific points within that chapter which will be the full width of the threaded text frame.


      I have my images to the side of the document, I cut using the Selection tool, position my cursor using the Type tool within the threaded frame and Paste but the image just overlaps all the text and doesn't move when I change the text.


      I know I can use the little blue square around the selection box and anchor while keeping the image to the side, but then I can't get much of an idea of how the whole thing looks because none of the text moves down.


      I've also tried positioning the Type cursor within the text and going File->Place but the same thing happens. Wrapping doesn't make any difference, although based on what I've read, you shouldn't need to touch that in this instance anyway.


      In the image below, there is text sitting under the image - this was inserted using the Cut/Paste method.


      Can anyone help!? It's driving me mad!


      Many thanksSun.JPG