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    InvalidObject understanding




      I encounter an issue with custom objects, I try to find Element with the function Find(). When I search Xref, row or known elements I get a valid Object. If a search for a custom element like here "RuleTemplate" I get an InvalidObject. Here is my code :


      var searchPropValRuleTemplate = AllocatePropVals(1) // allocate array of 1 PropVal
      searchPropValRuleTemplate[0].propIdent.num = Constants.FS_FindElementTag // element search mode
      searchPropValRuleTemplate[0].propVal.valType = Constants.FT_Strings; // property of type Strings (array of string)
      searchPropValRuleTemplate[0].propVal.ssval.length = Constants.FV_NumFindElementItems; // required
      searchPropValRuleTemplate[0].propVal.ssval[Constants.FV_FindElemTag] = "RuleTemplate"; // element to find
      searchPropValRuleTemplate[0].propVal.ssval[Constants.FV_FindAttrName]= ""; // required even if empty
      searchPropValRuleTemplate[0].propVal.ssval[Constants.FV_FindAttrValue] = ""; // required even if empty
      var startLoc = new TextLoc(currentDoc.FirstPgfInDoc, 0);
      var trFoundInDoc = currentDoc.Find(startLoc, searchPropValRuleTemplate);
      var currentSGMLTag = currentDoc.ElementSelection.beg.child.Object;
      var firstUidSGMLTag = currentSGMLTag.Unique;


      In this sample currentSGMLTag is an InvalidObject, if I change the propval FindElemTag to "XRef" by example I get my XRef valid Object.

      Can anyone help me please ? I'm missing something.