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    Unable to scroll in Adobe DE V3


      unable to scroll through pages when ebook is open without minimizing and maximizing the window.



      I have an eBook open in the Adobe Digital Edition 3.0 program. With the eBook open I cannot scroll through the pages, the page up and down or even the arrow keys have no effect. I need to minimizing and maximizing the screen each time. I should be able to browse the the pages without this inconvenience.

      My company has given me important documents to read, unfortunately they are all .acsm and worst it needs ONLY Adobe Digital Edition to open. DE is a disaster, i can't understand how could adobe release this without proper test results.PATHETIC. i running behind schedule because of my company banks with Adobe, they had better options. I checked and even my other friends also reported the same problem, i uninstalled and reinstalled DE but no go.

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          Here it is, half a year later and the latest version of ADE (4.0.3) STILL doesn't let you scroll through an ebook. It's obvious to me that Adobe doesn't care about this product. And this would be fine with me if it wasn't for the fact that this makes the ebooks we get from EBSCO almost useless in the e-reader. Right now I'd say ADE is just a tiny bit better than completely useless. But then, what do you expect from a free product. Thank God they still seem to care about Photoshop, which (surprise!) isn't free.


          If any from EBSCO is reading -- DUMP ADE! It's a piece of crap.