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    Problem with https domain

      Here's my exact problem.


      The exact same SWF is loaded at both locations. They both load the image from another domain, at the path to the image is passed to the SWF as a parameter in the index.html.

      The problem is the crop tool. It works fine for the first site, but it doesn't for the second.

      There's nothing else I can think of except this difference between secure and regular domain.

      The way it works is simple. I load the image from the received path into holder.image, when the user crops, a empty movieclip is created in holder, image is hidden and the new cropped image is saved in holder.cropped movieclip.

      This is the actual cropping code:

      function crop(mc:MovieClip, x:Number, y:Number, w:Number, h:Number):BitmapData{
      var bmp:BitmapData = new BitmapData(w, h, false);
      var matrix = new Matrix();
      matrix.translate(-x, -y)
      bmp.draw(mc, matrix, new ColorTransform(), 1, new Rectangle(0, 0, w, h));
      return bmp;

      and I call the crop function like this:

      var cropBMP = crop(_root, initX, initY, finalX-initX, finalY-initY);

      Does anybody have any idea what might go wrong on the secure server?