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    Flash Component Child Object Scales


      I am creating a component using Flash 8 professional. My component adds several children movieclips at run-time, and loads images into some of these movieclips. I’m having some issues with the scales of these images.

      Basically my image container movieclips are inheriting the scale of my component, which has been sized at design-time. This is causing stretching on my images, and I really need the images to remain their original size.

      I am wondering if I have done something wrong while developing my component. Whether it’s how I’m creating my child moveclips, or how I’m handling my components size I’m not sure. Other components, such as the UI Scrollbar for instance are able to be resized at run-time, without the buttons being stretched depending on the size of the component.

      If possible I want to avoid setting my image container’s size using an equation based on the scale of my component, as I do not believe this will produce the exact size of the image.

      Hope this makes sense. Any help would be great. Thanks for your time.