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    Decompressing Xref Streams?

    tetleyforget Level 1

      I am having significant problems decompressing xref streams.  Unfortunately the use of Params has complicated things a little.

      I am using various open source libraries to do this but I just wanted to check if my understanding is right.  The ISO3200 standard doesn't quiet put it in a way I can understand. 


      If I am returning a decompressed Xref stream to a buffer, can I output it as one long string (adhering to white space), or do I need to recognise the output another way.  Such as Objects etc?


      Are Xref streams and white space rules surrounding these streams the same as the rules for all other streams.


      I have files written with Adobe 9 pdf printer, are the predictors in that version, relative to previous versions, different.  I'm simply trying to decompress text streams and want the xref information to navigate the document.


      If there is tips for decompressing these streams please add them as I could be here for the next two years trying to decompress a single

      xref stream. Maybe that's the way it's supposed to be, I don't know.