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    InDesign CC 2014 - crash when using links


      This issue started happening right after I updated to the CC 2014 version. I am using a Windows 7. I thought it was a memory issue so I make sure to have as little browser/program activity as possible - I noticed it happened more frequently if I was streaming music for example. I'm not sure if that is the problem though, because it just happened again and I didn't have much activity going on. I saved my illustrator documents, closed all the .ai files, then went into InDesign (with only 1 doc open) and updated a link that I changed, then I tried to re-link an image to a new file, was able to browse for the file, but once I clicked open I got the same error.

      "InDesign has encountered a problem..." It tries to figure it out, but it doesn't, I do not even have an error code, and then I'm forced to close the program. Fortunately my document is restored in its last state.

      Sometimes it crashes before I can browse for a file. Sometimes is happens when I go to Place a new file. Sometimes it happens when I update a link, or even just click on a link.


      Again, I have been using InDesign CC for months without this crashing issue, so I'm pretty sure its a bug with the 2014 release.

      Please fix it soon!! It's getting really annoying to re-open the program multiple times in one sitting!