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    Sneaking in one more suggestion...

      One more message to the great and powerful Kuler gods.

      I had a crazy idea, but it just might work...

      Would it be possible to put a window somewhere on the listing screen - and have that window show about three randomly selected themes that are among the previous 500 (or so...). It could be like a "featured gallery". Maybe it could fit under the "Links" link.

      What would be really cool is if you allowed the featured themes to stay resident for about 15 minutes, then rollover three more randomly chosen out of the top 500 themes. (Oh please, Santa - please???)

      This would give people the delight and anticipation of seeing if any of their themes will show up. It will also increase visibility of some very nice, but otherwise forgotten ones.

      There is a lot of competetion to be among the most popular - to get into that golden few. This will bring back around those shiny, new color themes that are so quickly hurled into the great beyond. Otherwise I think the top ranked one's will probably be there for a long time because of low visibility of competing themes.

      Okay, bunnytoes is done. Well maybe. I'm trying to be good and not bug with ideas.