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    Problem with collate function to print booklets in Indesign


      I want to print on A4 paper, two copies of booklets (150pages) A5 format. This job I want to do more (100-300 ) times.


      I use ctrl+ P, copies two, in setup printer I use page size A5, output size A4, booklet printing.


      If I print the document from CS2 version, I got two booklets on A4 papers, on left side of papers is one booklet, and on right side of papers is second booklet. I just cut the papers on half and I got two booklets. Next gluing the booklets is ok


      If I print the same document from CS3 or CS6 version, with same print presets !!, I got two booklets, but one booklet is on both sides of A4 papers, and second booklet is also on both sides of A4 papers. I cut the A4 papers and must every half booklets put together.


      Also with gluing is little problematic.


      Where is the problem with printing? How to use print in CS3 or CS6 , to get result like in CS2 ?