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    Can I upgrade CS5 on a Mac running Maverick?

    drpitcairn Level 1

      I have a Macbook Pro, running Maverick, and older version of Creative Suite, CS5. Still works, but I have been getting notices that upgrades to this are available. BUT...cannot tell anything about the upgrades - if they will work on this platform, if they are free or pay. So I am afraid to try to install them. I spent the last hour trying to contact Adobe by phone to ask this simple question - are upgrades available to me. Guess, what? They can't be reached by phone. Every time I travel their phone tree, I end up on a branch they cut off. Not good product support in my opinion and if I were starting over would really question using these products. But that is the way it is. I realize that likely no one out there can answer this for me, but thought I would put it up in case you have dealt with a similar issue.