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    After Effects CC 2014 - Rendering / saving project file to CS6

    BlackLotus Level 1

      Hello all,


      I'm writing here to try to understand the st**** decision to exclude mp4 and mpeg from the render possibilities from After Effects CC 2014. I would gladly go back to CS6 but as of now I have more than 40 hours of edited video project in CC 2014, which of course cannot save project files to CS6, which is another brilliant move by somebody in Adobe that has the title position of "the dude for giving ideas to p*** people off". Now the problem is this, if I choose to export just a single clip from my composition of course I cannot export it to a container and codec of my choosing since it cannot be exported to Media Encoder, and has to be done in After Effects or I have to make a composition for each and every file, in order to export it to to the Media Encoder.


      Now I ask you good people any way to move my projects back to CS6, remove this unusable piece of software and be over with it, I simply don't have the time to be toying around with Adobe's new found glory for Apple and exporting stuff to QuickTime, taking 3 times longer than mpeg. Tried with OpenSeasame and by just exporting an XML file but none work so if there is any other way please let me know.


      Good thing I only got 1 month and didn't pay for the whole year...