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    Which Mac Pro to purchase - 4 or 6 core for Indesign, Illustrator, Photoshop CC

    Bixxy Level 1

      Hey There, I am new to this forum and wanted to ask a question on the current Mac Pro's.


      I am thinking of purchasing a new Mac Pro but i honestly can't work out if it's worth going for the 4 or 6 core version.  I don't think Illustrator CC takes advantage of multicore but i think possibly Indesign CC and definitely photoshop CC does.  I could be completely wrong though   things may have changed.


      I am a graphic designer and mostly work in print.  I create posters, brochures and occasionally large format event work.  Recently I have been working with files around the 500mb - 1GB mark, in photoshop, indesign and Illustrator, thats about as big as they ever get size wise.


      I am not rendering things or doing anything too crazy, mostly throwing around 100mb+ files with all of these 3 apps open with multiple layers all at once, possibly office apps too in the background word, powerpoint etc.


      I have heard conflicting opinions on this and I hope to come to some kind of conclusion.  This question has been asked before in the past but without much of a definitive resolution.  Whenever I have seen an Adobe mod join the conversation its usually a copy and pasted minimum spec link or something like that.  Not a clear jump off the fence, 'I would advise this configuration, it's best for your workflow' comment.


      I realise more ram would be good.. larger SSD etc... but its more the actual base machine I am interested in some help picking, are the extra cores worth it? the bells and whistles can be added later and i have a good idea what to chose there.