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    Adding keyboard shortcuts to menu items created by script. Is that possible?

    Kasyan Servetsky Level 5

      Dear all,


      I wanted to create a custom menu by script and assign (on the numeric keyboard) shortcuts to the menu items so that I could run one script with small variations instead of modifying a few (currently seven) separate scripts and assigning a shortcut to each of them. But now I realized that custom menus aren’t visible from the “Keyboard Shortcuts” dialog box. (What a disappointment!)

      Am I missing something here? Or, is there a workaround?


      My idea was to trigger the main script -- Floating Tables.jsx – from the menu item handler passing the menu title as argument.

      var tableMenu = app.menus.item("$ID/Main").submenus.item("Table");
      // "Floating Tables" sub-menu
      try {
          var subMenu = tableMenu.submenus.item("Floating Tables");
      catch(err) {
          var subMenu = tableMenu.submenus.add("Floating Tables", LocationOptions.AT_END);
      var topLeftAction = app.scriptMenuActions.add("Top Left");
      var topLeftListener = topLeftAction.eventListeners.add("onInvoke", FloatingTablesHandler);
      var topLeftMenuItem = subMenu.menuItems.add(topLeftAction);
      var topCenterAction = app.scriptMenuActions.add("Top Center");
      var topCenterListener = topCenterAction.eventListeners.add("onInvoke", FloatingTablesHandler);
      var topCenterMenuItem = subMenu.menuItems.add(topCenterAction);
      var topRightAction = app.scriptMenuActions.add("Top Right");
      var topRightListener = topRightAction.eventListeners.add("onInvoke", FloatingTablesHandler);
      var topRightMenuItem = subMenu.menuItems.add(topRightAction);
      var bottomLeftAction = app.scriptMenuActions.add("Bottom Left");
      var bottomLeftListener = bottomLeftAction.eventListeners.add("onInvoke", FloatingTablesHandler);
      var bottomLeftMenuItem = subMenu.menuItems.add(bottomLeftAction);
      var bottomCenterAction = app.scriptMenuActions.add("Bottom Center");
      var bottomCenterListener = bottomCenterAction.eventListeners.add("onInvoke", FloatingTablesHandler);
      var bottomCenterMenuItem = subMenu.menuItems.add(bottomCenterAction);
      var bottomRightAction = app.scriptMenuActions.add("Bottom Right");
      var bottomRightListener = bottomRightAction.eventListeners.add("onInvoke", FloatingTablesHandler);
      var bottomRightMenuItem = subMenu.menuItems.add(bottomRightAction);
      var backToTextAction = app.scriptMenuActions.add("Back to Text");
      var backToTextListener = backToTextAction.eventListeners.add("onInvoke", FloatingTablesHandler);
      var backToTextMenuItem = subMenu.menuItems.add(backToTextAction);
      function FloatingTablesHandler(event) {
          var args = [event.parent.title];
          app.doScript(mainScriptFile, ScriptLanguage.JAVASCRIPT, args, UndoModes.ENTIRE_SCRIPT, "\"" + scriptName + "\" Script");

      The main script reads the argument like so:

      alert("The argument -- " + args[0]);

      If memory serves me right, Rorohiko’s APID ToolKit can create “Shortcut-assignable” menus. I don't remember this for sure at the moment because made such menus long ago.


      BTW the question was asked here, but it wasn’t answered.