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    Cannot buy a Membership? Error processing!


      I have tried buying a yearly complete membership to CC prepaid. I have tried over and over and over again. I have spoken to customer support on chat (When it worked), and they could not resolve the problem with the answer, we will get back to you. This is the error I am constantly getting as soon as I click the Continue button after I enter my payment details and accept the terms and conditions.


      There was a problem processing your order, please contact our Customer Service team for assistance. Middle East & North Africa Bahrain: 80081097 Egypt: 08000000447 Jordan/Kuwait/Lebanon/Qatar/Yemen: English +44 207 365 0735 Jordan/Kuwait/Lebanon/Qatar/Yemen: Arabic/French +44 203 564 4145 Oman: 80077173 Saudi Arabia: 8008446638 Tunisia, Morocco and Algeria: +33 157324642 United Arab Emirates: 80004443085 Commonthwealth of Independent States (CIS): +44 207 365 0735

      I am in desperate need of a solution, and so far CC has proved utterly abysmal.

      Thank You