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    Premiere Elements 12 crash on startup on my Mac

    sanchaithw Level 1

      I have just purchased, downloaded and installed Premiere Elements 12 on my MBP with Retina display 15 inches running OSX 10.9.5 seed guid 13F18.


      The installation went fine and when I start the software,I select to start with Video Editor. Once started, Premiere Elements splash screen start, and loading many components then it just crash and quit. This is repeatable. I have tried to remove and reinstall Premiere Elements 12 but it crash every time when startup.. It quit when loading Importer Quicktime Bundle. When the stated component is being  load and show up on splash screen, Premeire Eememts crash


      So I cannot use Premiere Elements at all. Help please


      I have enclose here the crash log from Console for diagnosis


      Process:         Adobe Premiere Elements [10096]

      Path:            /Applications/Adobe Premiere Elements 12/*/Adobe Premiere Elements.app/Contents/MacOS/Adobe Premiere Elements

      Identifier:      com.adobe.Adobe Premiere Elements-12.0

      Version:         20130903.main.557123 (12.0)

      Code Type:       X86-64 (Native)

      Parent Process:  launchd [248]

      Responsible:     Adobe Premiere Elements [10096]

      User ID:         501



      Date/Time:       2014-08-26 23:24:13.659 +0700

      OS Version:      Mac OS X 10.9.5 (13F18)

      Report Version:  11

      Anonymous UUID:  97B350F1-305F-87CA-E772-C41035EE1128



      Sleep/Wake UUID: 0D333A7D-D480-4372-93F1-CE64C0FE1AE3



      Crashed Thread:  0  Dispatch queue: com.apple.main-thread



      Exception Type:  EXC_BAD_ACCESS (SIGSEGV)

      Exception Codes: KERN_INVALID_ADDRESS at 0x0000000000000000



      VM Regions Near 0:


          __TEXT                 0000000100000000-0000000100003000 [   12K] r-x/rwx SM=COW  /Applications/Adobe Premiere Elements 12/*/Adobe Premiere Elements.app/Contents/MacOS/Adobe Premiere Elements



      Thread 0 Crashed:: Dispatch queue: com.apple.main-thread

      0   libsystem_kernel.dylib         0x00007fff8d35c292 __kill + 10

      1   com.adobe.dvacore.framework   0x000000010018a1da (anonymous namespace)::SignalHandler(int, __siginfo*, void*) + 314

      2   libsystem_platform.dylib       0x00007fff8a1915aa _sigtramp + 26

      3   com.adobe.UIFramework.framework 0x00000001016b0dcf UIF::DC::DC(int, int) + 63

      4   com.adobe.Workspace.framework 0x00000001067daccf WSP::ViewContainer::UpdateContainerSize(ASL::ParamRect<int> const&, UIF::ViewBase*) + 6813

      5   com.adobe.Workspace.framework 0x00000001067d94e9 WSP::ViewContainer::UpdateContainerSize(ASL::ParamRect<int> const&, UIF::ViewBase*) + 695

      6   com.adobe.Workspace.framework 0x00000001067d9713 WSP::ViewContainer::UpdateContainerSize(ASL::ParamRect<int> const&, UIF::ViewBase*) + 1249

      7   com.adobe.HandlerEffectControls.framework 0x00000001091e37b5 0x109160000 + 538549

      8   com.adobe.HandlerEffectControls.framework 0x00000001091e82bf UIF::WindowImpl::SetPositionAndSize(ASL::ParamRect<int> const&) + 479

      9   com.adobe.ASLMessaging.framework 0x0000000101a6e227 ASL::Broadcaster::BroadcastMessageInner(ASL::Broadcaster::ListenerRecord const&, ASL::Message const&) + 39

      10  com.adobe.Startup.framework   0x0000000104d2ee26 0x104d2a000 + 20006

      11  com.adobe.ASLMessaging.framework 0x0000000101a6f861 ASL::Broadcaster::BroadcastMessage(ASL::Message const&) + 1565

      12  com.adobe.ASLMessaging.framework 0x0000000101a7cf92 ASL::StationUtils::BroadcastMessage(dvacore::utility::ImmutableString const&, ASL::Message const&) + 66

      13  com.adobe.dvacore.framework   0x00000001000f4687 dvacore::threads::(anonymous namespace)::FunctionQueue::ExecuteOneFunction(boost::shared_ptr<dvacore::threads::(anonym ous namespace)::FunctionQueue>, bool) + 151

      14  com.adobe.dvacore.framework   0x00000001000f4a3a dvacore::threads::(anonymous namespace)::EventLoopAdaptor::FlushFromEventLoopThread() + 272

      15  com.adobe.

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          sanchaithw Level 1

          Please get back to me if more information needed. I cannot use Premiere Elements 12 that I have purchased. And I want it to work


          help please.

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            A.T. Romano Level 7



            This is not Adobe who would be prepared to interpret your logs. Rather user to user.


            We will try to help without detouring you through Adobe Chat.


            Have you at the onset established that the problem exists with or without the antivirus and firewall(s) disabled?


            1. Delete the Adobe Premiere Elements Prefs file

            Users/Libraries/Application Support/Adobe/Premiere Elements/12.0.

            Did that help?


            2. Uninstall Premiere Elements. Uninstall QuickTime. Then do a free ccleaner run through to

            get rid of leftovers from incomplete installs and or uninstalls.

            CCleaner - Download


            3. With antivirus and firewall(s) disabled, reinstall first QuickTime (latest version for Mac) and then

            Premiere Elements 12.


            Others have looked at this failure at Importer QuickTime...

            a. by looking at permissions....even creating a new User Account with Administrative Privileges to which to install the program and run it

            b. some have looked at removing 3rd party QuickTime components


            All that being said, the above comes with no guarantees. Have you seen the Adobe document

            Troubleshoot system errors, freezes | Mac OS 10.x | Adobe software

            Please review. There is a link at its end for Adobe Chat who may or may not be able to take remote control of your

            computer for troubleshooting purposes.


            Please review and then we can decide what next if necessary.


            Thank you.



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              sanchaithw Level 1

              Thank for advice. I have tried delete the pref file. Premiere Elements 12, not work. Premiere Elements 12 still crash after starting and loading component. I still see Loading ImporterQuicktime.Bundle on the startup screen and it just crash and crash report in console.


              I have tried remove all third party quicktime components in /Library/Quicktime and /User/Library quicktime one by one and after remove, I start Premiere Elements 12,. Until all 3rd party components removed, it still crash. SO this does not work


              So the advices do not work for me. I try to go to troubleshooting  page as you suggested. The Adobe Chat is grayed out. When I click contact us. It take me back to the forum again


              Help please. How do I go from now to troubleshoot Premiere Elements 12


              Thank for help

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                A.T. Romano Level 7



                Thanks for the reply and for looking into the troubleshooting suggestions. Sorry that the new was not better and that one would have been the solution for you.


                We will look forward to learning if the Adobe document has any troubleshooting that targeted your issue. In addition...


                These days it is difficult to find an active Adobe Chat. Supposedly it is undergoing updating, but it has been that way for a long time now.

                Please try the following link to Adobe Chat.

                Contact Customer Care

                Premiere Elements

                Adobe ID, Adobe Signing In

                Adobe ID, Signing In, Account Help

                Chat Panel

                The link has been set to the above. If the link does not hold, then you will need to navigate to the Chat Panel using the titles above as guides.


                The plan is for this Chat Panel (which is active as of this moment) to help you with remote control over your computer for troubleshooting or for the representative to transfer you to another group who can help.


                We will be watching for your progress.





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                  sanchaithw Level 1

                  TThank for advice. I have tried move impiortquicktime.bundle to trash then start PE12. It crash but show exportquicktime.bundle before crash. I move it to trash and it still crash.


                  don't know what go wrong can any expert here help please

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                    A.T. Romano Level 7



                    It is almost 1 am where I am so I will be calling it a day.


                    In the morning I will look for your thread for further developments and add further comments at that time.





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                      A.T. Romano Level 7



                      Have you had time to try to contact Adobe via its Adobe Chat to try to sort through your Premiere Elements 12 Mac start up issue?

                      Any leads from the Adobe document referenced?


                      Unless Adobe has come up with a fix for your issue, you might think about the following. With the thought that there might be problems with the Premiere Elements 12 downloaded to your computer, please consider downloading and installing Premiere Elements 12 Mac installation files from the following web site

                      Adobe Photoshop Elements 12 Direct Download Links, Premiere too | ProDesignTools

                      Read and carry out the web site's Note: Very Important Instructions so that you do not get an Access Denied message.

                      And, during installation insert your purchased Premiere Elements 12 Mac serial number to make it your working copy.

                      Be sure to do the downloading and installing with the antivirus and firewall(s) disabled.


                      Did you say that your permissions and preferences are in order? Running programs from User Account with Administrative Privileges?


                      I have been searching online for a history of this particular situation...do you have any 3rd party avi codecs installed on that Mac (Dvix or Xvid)?


                      Looking forward to your follow up.



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                        sanchaithw Level 1

                        Yes. I have gone through chat with Adobe Tech. The tech support advise me

                        to uninstall all Adobe products, delete all folders and files related to

                        Adobe, which is accumulated on my Mac since CS3 time to CC 2014.

                        Altogether, I have deleted more than 10 GB of files.


                        I then reboot and start very clean. Then I uninstall all 3rd party

                        QuickTime components, and that further clean my Mac from all remnants.


                        Then I reinstall Premiere Elements 12. It still crash on startup. So the

                        Tech support cannot do anything mor to get it to work, then pass me to

                        another Twvh support for refund.


                        I really do not want refund, but there is nothing I can do. I have read

                        many posts on the net regarding this problem. So what I have to do is to

                        abandon a Adobe products and head to Final Cut Pro X, Aperture, Compressor,

                        and Motion from Qpple


                        I will miss Adobe. So long farewell after being together for more than 10

                        years now.


                        Any suggestion would be appreciated. I think Adobe is doing very badly on

                        product stability and updating procedures. Lots of headache along the way.


                        Thank for advice Romano




                        • 9. Re: Premiere Elements 12 crash on startup on my Mac
                          A.T. Romano Level 7



                          Very disappointing and frustrating news about getting your Premiere Elements 12 Mac to work for you. This is particularly disappointing since Adobe Chat's only solution was the refund after all its troubleshooting and yours.


                          As I said, I am strictly an Elements Windows user, but I try to find common ground between Windows and Mac on these Premiere Elements issues.


                          I do not know how much time you want to devote to this matter before switching to a video editor from another manufacturer, but I have an "idea" to try to point at the core - Adobe Premiere Elements 12 Mac or all versions of Adobe Premiere Elements in your specific computer environment

                          (just in case note: does your Mac have a 64 bit processor?).


                          You could download and install the free tryout installation files for Premiere Elements 11 from the following web site.

                          Photoshop Elements 11 Direct Download Links: Free Trials, Premiere | ProDesignTools

                          Read and carry out the web site's "Note: Very Important Instructions" so that you do not get Access Denied.

                          This group lets you use the tryout free, but does not sell the tryout. If you had a purchased serial number for Premiere Elements 11, you could insert your purchased serial number into these files during installation and make this your working copy of the program. But, you do not have a purchased serial number for this version, only 12. If this version (11) worked for you, you could look online for an authorized reseller who still has the version in stock and purchase from that vendor.


                          Another thought, if 11 does work, then you might want to hold off on any video editing software purchases until the end of September 2014 when a new version of Premiere Elements is expected to be released. Then look at the tryout of it and purchase if indicated by your workout of the tryout. No one except Adobe knows the feature set for the new version. And, any information on the new version is typically released at the moment the the new version is released for the public.


                          Main thought...do not lose the opportunity to get your money back from Adobe if you are left with Adobe product that will not work in your specific computer environment and you have no plans to change that computer environment for another.


                          Please update us on your progress. Do not give up. The end goal is for a video editor (from whatever manufacturer) to work for you.


                          Best wishes