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    Controlling an mc timeline with a mc._x

      Hi, i have made a mc in which a long text has to be scrolled using a pointer.

      Here is what i have within the mc:
      - a layer on which my long text moves top to bottom from frame 001 to frame 201, using tweening
      - a layer on which i have a mc (pointer_mc) that is dragable onPress
      - the course of pointer_mc on the _y axis is 400 px from top position to bottom position

      Here is what i want to do:
      - i want the timeline to advance/goback according to the _y.pointer_mc position

      i.e. if the pointer_mc._y = 1, timeline is at frame 001, if i move the pointer down, the timeline follows.

      Am i clear enough? Can i do that? I tried with this:

      this.onEnterFrame = function() {
      _root._currentframe = pointeurAuto_mc._y;

      Here is the file.

      Many thanks for helping.