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    Can't export to other sources; only C drive shows up in the export dialogue


      I am running LR 3 on two identical Windows 7 laptops.  The computers are networked over a local wifi and the drives are mapped on computer as Y and Z.  Network works great.  I want to export files from one computer to the other, and vice versa.  From the export menu on the first computer I chose "Export to Hardrive" ;  "export to a specific folder" then clicked "Choose" and all of the available drives populated from Desktop to Computer to networks. Then I chose the folder on the second computer that I wanted to export to and it exported perfectly.


      I then proceeded to do the exact same thing on the second computer so I could export files from the second computer to the first computer, but when I clicked on the dropdown to "Choose" the specific folder the only folders that show up are the ones on the C drive of that same computer.  "Computer" is missing as well as all of the mapped drives and the networked computer.


      How do I get all of the available folders to show up in the export source drop down so that I can choose the folder I want to export to?  f


      Restarted LR several times. The version is updated.


      Any help would be much appreciated.