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    edge 2014 causing problems with video when rotating iPad from landscape to portrait

    drotar Level 1

      i've been working without success for the last two months with no luck. i am building a site   http://www.bjoinfilms.com/testXXX/

      it is a very simple page with a video in the middle, a responsive edge animation to the left and right of the video. on iPad landscape i have both animations turned on. on the iPad portrait and smart phone i have both animations turned off (display:none)


      the problem i have is when i rotate the site from portrait to landscape on the iPad the video resizes incorrectly and overlaps the edge animation on the right. if i refresh the browser or flip it back and forth between landscape and portrait the video resizes itself correctly but only until then.


      i know it is the edge causing this because when i remove the animations and try it with just colored boxes for both the left and right animation holders the video works perfectly. i am using the great sublime responsive video player for the center video div.


      does anybody know a work around for this problem? it would be greatly appreciated.



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