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    requested scope session has not been enabled

    teedoffnewbie Level 2

      Trying to get a site login set up and I keep getting the above error. I have enabled session vars in the CF admin, and have used sessionmanagement in my cfapplication. Not sure what I've done wrong.


       <cfapplication name="myApp" sessionmanagement="yes" setclientcookies="yes" sessiontimeout="#CreateTimeSpan(0,1,0,0)#">
       <!--- Now define that this user is logged out by default --->
       <CFPARAM NAME="session.allowin" DEFAULT="false" />
       <CFPARAM NAME="session.userName" DEFAULT="" />
       <!--- Now if the variable "session.allowin" does not equal true, send user to the login page --->
       <!--- the other thing you must check for is if the page calling this application.cfm is the "login.cfm" page and the "Login_process.cfm" page since the Application.cfm is always called, if this is not checked the application will simply Loop over and over. To check that, you do the following call --->
       <cfif session.allowin neq "true">
           <cfif  ListLast(CGI.SCRIPT_NAME, "/") EQ "login.cfm">
           <cfelseif ListLast(CGI.SCRIPT_NAME, "/") EQ "login_process.cfm">
               <!--- this user is not logged in, alert user and redirect to the login.cfm page --->
                   alert("You must login to access this area!");


      Any help would be greatly appreciated.