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    Can Premiere Elements 12 Burn to a RW Disc?

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      Is Premiere Elements 12 capable of using a DVD+RW?  Despite setting the DVD Player on the iMac to NOT play a DVD when inserted, whenever I insert a  DVD+RW to have Premiere burn a DVD the DVD player starts and the burn always fails.  I can use a never written to DVD+RW and can do ONE burn to it but then any other attempt fails.  I used to use Pinnacle Studio on a Windows machine and I used RW discs multiple times until I had a version I wanted for a final burn to a DVD+R.  I am getting very frustrated with running Premiere Elements 12 on an iMac.  I don't know who to blame - Apple or Adobe. 

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          A.T. Romano Level 7



          Your issue is not a Premiere Elements issue exclusive to Mac, and I expect the matter goes to the interaction with between the computer player and the DVD burner (AutoPlay).


          I am strictly an Elements Windows user. When I use Premiere Elements (any version) on Windows 7, 8, or 8.1 64 bit for burn to disc and use a DVD-RW that has been written to once, I get the message from the burn software asking for permission to overwrite the original disc content. I need to click OK in order to continue. Have no other choice. But, once I do within a few seconds of the start, my CyberLink playback software that came with the burner opens to try to playback the original disc content. I need to rush to cancel to continue with my Premiere Elements burn to.in order to get to a successful conclusion (which I do).


          I would start with Apple and setting AutoPlay.


          Where are you setting the AutoPlay? In Windows, it would be in the Control Panel area. Does the computer give you control to

          a. set what to do with a given type of DVD disc

          as well as

          b. which program should open DVD movies



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            Rickster213 Level 1

            I also get a message warning me the disc has data on it and I need to OK it to continue.  But as with your situation, the DVD Player starts playing the disk.  In Preferences for the DVD Player, I have unchecked "Start playing disc" "When a disc is inserted". 


            However, your response got me thinking about overall iMac settings.  In System Preferences, under the CD and DVD section, there is a setting that says "When you insert a video DVD:" and the setting is "Open DVD Player".  I'm guessing that overrides the option I set in the DVD Player application, which is an iMac app included with the system so there is a contradiction there.  I set it to "ignore" and tried the burn again.  The DVD Player did not start so I was hopeful the burn would complete this time.  Unfortunately I got the same generic "device error" on the burn.

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              A.T. Romano Level 7



              Thanks for your results.


              When you got the device error at the end of the burn to as you described in your latest post, did you check the disc to determine if it had been written to completely in spite of the device error which you probably responded to with a Cancel?


              I was going to do some troubleshooting on this player opening when a burn to is initiated with a DVD-RW and ran into a curious situation.

              My DVD-RW coupled with the burn to disc were not interfered with by the player opening. But, if I used Blu-ray BD-RE coupled with burn to disc, there was my Cyberlink player popping up unwanted. My remedy that works consistently is quickly to click on the player close button, and then the burn to goes to completion successfully.


              Is it possible for you to get some DVD-RW discs to compare to the DVD+RW?


              It does not seem that this is a matter of Premiere Elements not being compatible with DVD+RW since you can burn to that type of disc provided the disc is a new blank desk. I do not have access to a Mac computer to dig into this deeper. But, we would be very interested to learn of your further progress in this matter.

              Do you have access to Apple Support for its point of view on setting of Mac AutoPlay?



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                Rickster213 Level 1

                I chatted with Apple support.  We erased the disk and then it burned OK.  It was also suggested I try DVD-RW instead of +RW, but at least I can re-use a disc now if I erase it first.

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                  Thanks for the wonderful news that you have found a way to resolve the disc matter. Great job of follow through on the troubleshooting.


                  Did your computer come with burn software that offered the Erase Disk feature? Those Erase Disk features typically come with a Quick or Full Erase,

                  so it would be important to learn if both types of erases permit the disc to present without the player interference issue in the Premiere Elements burn to disc process.


                  Did Apple have any ideas on how to set the AutoPlay instead of doing the erase before use way?


                  But, great news, you are moving forward with your Premiere Elements projects.


                  Best wishes