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    Happy To Announce New Build, But...

    alexdejesus Level 1

      percoplus's Completed Build - Intel Core i7-4930K, Asus GeForce GTX 780, Silverstone Temjin SST-TJ04B-E (Black) - PCPart…


      Everything brand new, except for the 4-drive RAID 0 and the SSD cache/preview drive that transferred from the old system. The system is set to XMP mode which set the cpu to about 3.8 GHz and RAM to 2133 I believe. I opened up a couple of existing projects and unfortunately, I see no real performance gain from my old system so far. If I apply any effects that are not Premiere's own realtime effects, timeline is redlined and playback is jerky in the CUDA mode. I have not yet tuned anything according to the guides in this forum, so maybe there is hope, but I'm not feeling it. It's not terribly bad, just not impressive. I was able to export a 1 1/2 hour DVD in 13 minutes - no effects, of course. Same project to  Blu-ray took over an hour. Source footage is DNxHD 220 - pretty large files. Maybe the hard drives are a bottleneck?


      All Adobe software, Windows, Microsoft, ASUS, NVidia drivers are up to date.


      If you can't open the link above, my system includes a 6-core processor and 64 GB RAM, a GTX 780 3 GB GPU AND a Quadro K4000 3 GB GPU. Not sure how much more muscle I could have put into this system, but I am quite underwhelmed. I thought that I might be able to apply groups of effects and still playback smoothly. Forget about noise reduction and Red Giant. I am afraid to even open Speedgrade for fear that it would piss me off. There has to be something wrong. But it's late. I'll tackle it tomorrow