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    upgrade to Photoshop extended cs5


      I want to upgrade from Photoshop CS5 to Photoshop EXTENDED CS5 on my Mac.
      The problem:  I can go through the whole installation process without any problems. But when the installation is finished and I start the software, there are no EXTENDED functions visible anywhere.

      I've repeated the process several times, always with the same results.

      Hope very much that someone can help me.  (Adobe won't.  They're all up in the cloud!!!)


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          The download is the same one for the Extended and the Standard versions of Photoshop.


          It is the serial number that you input that determines whether you see the extended features or not.


          Presumable you have a serial number for CS5 Standard.


          Your quandary is that Adobe won't help you because CS5 is obsolete and no longer sold.  Therefore you cannot buy a license for CS5 Extended at this time or at any time in the feature.


          If you really need the Extended features, you need to upgrade to CS6 or adopt the subscription model with monthly payments  f  o  r  e  v  e  r…       The moment you stop the payments, your software ceases to work abruptly at the end of the month.