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    Error Code (4) Indesign CC 2014 & CS6

    Henrik Vistoft Stuhr Level 1

      Hello Community and Adobe Staff


      Today i came across a very annoying problem, any files i open in indesign cc 2014 comes up with the error code 4

      som of the documents don't have any relation to each other some are even months old. and it keep giving same error code no idea what to do here.

      same error comes up on EVERY document.


      So i did a test made document in CS6 and tryed to open it incs6  after i tried in indesign cc 2014

      here is what i got Skærmbillede 2014-08-27 kl. 12.14.28.png


      from the cc 2014 Skærmbillede 2014-08-27 kl. 12.16.58.png



      any one els have had this problem with the new indesign cc 2014??

      old documents that where saved on CS6 won't even open in CS6 any more cause it gives.

      any tips would help. to fix this problem.