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    Locking Movie Clips Together?

      I have 50 movie clips containing images. what I need is that when I drag one movie clip, they all move at the same time and the same way as if I was moving all of them. I can't put them in a container movie clip because I need to know their _x and _y positions at all time.

      Can anyone help?

      Thank You! :)
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          kglad Adobe Community Professional & MVP
          at the start of your drag (onPress) assign some variables to store the initial _x and _y properties of the movieclip being dragged and initiate a loop (like setInterval() or onEnterFrame).

          in the loop adjust each of your other movieclip's _x and _y properties by the same amount as the change in the dragged movieclip's _x and _y properties.

          terminate the loop when you stopDrag().