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    Replacement footage always doesn't work

    Wermount2323 Level 1

      Hi there! I have big trouble from the beginning of usins After Effects CC.

      I work with PSD Photoshop projects files, to animate it after in After Effects.

      And I have to do many updates. For example, I have got a new photo (better then older) and I have to import this to Photoshop and replace. So I do that and save project. But any change can't be seen in After Effects. When I save my PSD file project and go to AE I can see in right side that something is changing - actualisation information status is shown. But... I still can't see any change. I try delete my 10 GB cache but also didn't work. I try to replace this manually like this:




      But ALSO DIDN'T WORK. So I try to thinking what is going on?! Look upside. It works when I choose "Merged Layers" - but I can't do that. When I manually choose just one, direct layer called "Layer 1" in my case, it still did't work. I can't see any change. So I cant WORK WITH MY JOB at all. I am standind in one place and time is going