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    Problem creating/accesing a document dictionary


      I have problems creating and accessing a document dictionary.

      I create a new docuemnt using  the NEW item in the Illustrator menu.

      Then I execute the following code through my plugin. I does not work. That is I a unable to retrieve any value fro the dictionary . Actually I am not even sure I wrote anything in the  dictionary.

      Is there anything wrong in my code ?





          AIDictionaryRef dictionary =NULL ;

          AIErr error = 0;

          error= sAIDocument->GetDictionary ( &dictionary );



          AIDictKey KEY = sAIDictionary->Key( "MY_Key" );

          string mykey= "2";

          error = 0;

              error= sAIDictionary->SetStringEntry ( dictionary, KEY , mykey.c_str());




          AIErr error = 0;

          error= sAIDocument->GetDictionary ( &dictionary );


          const char* Namevalue ;

          error = sAIDictionary->GetStringEntry(dictionary, KEY, &Namevalue);   

          sAIDictionary->Release (dictionary);