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    Display link if wholesaler logged in or alternate link if customer logged in?

    Nathan_Hill Level 1



      I have a website that sells products to customers and wholesalers.


      I have setup a separate secure area for both the customer and the distributor. (to view past orders/specials etc)


      In top right of my site - they can click a "Login/Register" button that takes then to the login / registration page.


      Here they login as a customer (or if a wholesaler they are asked to go to the wholesaler Login Page).


      Once logged in the top right "Login/Register' button changes to a "Hello Name" and an "Account Overview" link.


      The problem is I have to hard code the "Account Overview" link so it can only link to either the customer or wholesaler secure area overview page.


      Is there anyway I can set it to recognize if a Wholesaler or a Customer logs in and display the appropriate link?


      Any help would be appreciated.