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    Adobe Audition CC - VSTi and MIDI


      I have recently built a DAW on an effects rack with a TASCAM Rack-mount sound interface that came with Cubase LE 5.  The computer, which I built myself, is permanently attached and the thing rolls.  I plan on using the DAW for on-set recording for making short films as well as for music scoring.  Cubase is great, only thing is that it is 32 bits and has memory limitations which can easily be reached if you stack enough samplers and NI Guitar Rig buses.  Also, it takes more time to set up each track than Audition or Reaper, which matters a lot when doing live recording.


      I am a Creative Cloud subscriber (have been since it was offered).


      Is there a timeline to add VSTi and MIDI to Adobe Audition CC?  Thanks.

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          Audition might be the best for high resolution audio, maybe even too advanced for the sound samples available to the folks like myself; as a composer I need midi and vst, me too.  I also have to work with older-school samples, so I can not fully profit from the incredible AU sound editing capabilities.  The only thing I would say on "hard limiter" plugin is that it might have a better effect with a 20 band equalizer, because cutting peaks is one thing, but the softer noise elements remain in the wave.  Simple cutting decibels is a half-job and it looks a little weird on the wave image.  I tried to compose midi in one software and then do the sound editing and mastering in AU, but the awkward process is not good.  Maybe Audition is for mastering specialists only, then it stays without midi reserved to composers, this makes sense too.