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    marquee zoom

    Alexito Level 1

      Is it possible to execute short cuts using JS? or event call the marquee zoom by click on the custom button created with JS (app.addToolButton({...})?

      It would be nice, that all buttons/functions which I need  are collected on one place using JS.


      Thanks and regards,


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          try67 MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          You can simulate clicking on various buttons in the GUI by using the

          execMenuItem method of the app object.

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            Alexito Level 1

            I printed all the menu items and found out, that marquee zoom has a value "Zoom":

            [cName:ZoomSubMenu, oChildren:[[cName:ZoomTo],[cName:Zoom],[cName:ZoomDrag] ....

            Unfortunately app.execMenuItem("Zoom") doesn't execute this item and no error is shown. ZoomTo and ZoomDrag are executed.

            What problem it might be here? I have the XIth version of Acrobat Pro.


            var zoom = app.trustedFunction(function () {






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              MichaelN Level 3

              Have you thought about a script to modify the document's zoom property?


              Here are a few examples:


              this.zoom *= 2;   //zooms to double the current zoom level

              this.zoom *= 0.5;   //zooms to 50% of the current zoom level

              this.zoom = 200;   //zooms to 200%

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                Alexito Level 1

                Yes, I tried it as well. I need the marquee zoom, as it zooms exactly to the chosen field. Could I activate the marquee zoom on the tool bars using JS? As not every body knows about it my custom toolbar would active it.

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                  George_Johnson MVP & Adobe Community Professional

                  Are you wanting to have it zoom to a particular area of the page. or do you just want the user to be able to do this manually?

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                    Alexito Level 1

                    Second possibility, that the user could be capable of using marquee zoom.